Microsoft announces Office 2013, Preview now available for download

Microsoft has declared its newest version of their office suite of application; Office 2013, or as they call it, the new Office. The new Office comes with:
• A host of new improvements
• Changes to the UI as well as under the hood.
The most noticeable change is the new set of icons for all the apps within the suite. Just like the Windows 8 icon, Office icons features:
• A monochrome icon with a tilted perspective.
• The user interface of the applications has also been slightly modified to fit into the new Metro UI
However, the application isn’t designed entirely with the Metro UI as it will be running within the desktop mode in Windows 8.
This new apps is a concoction of the old and new UI , hints of the Metro UI can be seen in some cases . In others, you will see the same old Office design that you find on the current Office 2010, including the cluttered ribbon on top.
Since it is designed to work with touch screen displays , most of the buttons in the UI still look like they are designed for a keyboard and mouse, and the early previews mention the same.
In addition it includes stylus support for scribbling on the screen, integrated SkyDrive, Skype and Yammer support, and a lot more.
The new Office will be launched in fall and come in three versions for Windows and OS X. Each version will include the basic apps like : Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher and Access.

Office 365 Home Premium that includes :
• 20GB SkyDrive storage and
• 60 minutes of Skype world minutes per month
Office 365 Small Business Premium includes :
• Business-grade email,
• shared calendars,
• Website tools and
• HD web conferencing
Office 365 ProPlus with
• Advanced business capabilities
• Flexibility to deploy and manage in the cloud

The new Office will be available as a cloud-based subscription service and a subscriber will get the a aforementioned extras along with multiple installations for multiple users and devices. Devices running Windows RT will have the new Office pre-installed. It is supported only on Windows 7 and 8 and support for Vista and XP being dropped in this version.

Source : Blog.gsmarena

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